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Customized lead generation and marketing training for teams tailored for your startup, business, agency, foundation or group is the smart route.

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Sales is still the most important role in every business. Turn on Beast Mode!

Cash flow is the life-blood of all ventures. To grow and expand, you must increase sales. To increase sales, you need to increase the volume of leads. While Automated Pipelines online LMS is perfect for individuals, you may want a team solution. Our innovative instructors and instructional designers will build a curriculum tailored to the needs of your team and execute it on-site. We provide the tools, teach the skills to leverage those tools, and the best method to close sales. Reach new heights, invest in your team with our customized lead generation and marketing team training tailored for startups, businesses, agencies, foundations and groups.

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team training questions you may have

Automated Pipelines provides a 6 module program for individuals or a customized experience for businesses and their teams.

What makes you unique?

An investment in your human capital is a must. We deliver a well-researched and executed training program with experts in lead generation, sales, and marketing to give you a custom training solution.

Instructional design?

Automated Pipelines is composed of instructors, marketers, and instructional designers. Our designers will develop a tailored curriculum to personalize the content and address your lead generation challenges.

What do I get out of the program?

Your business will get marketing research, lead generation audit, a tailored curriculum, on-site deployment of the training program and monitoring of results.

How long is the training?

Length depends on the team training you select. Our professional plan consists of 2 days with your business development team and 1 day with leadership. We do have shorter trainings programs for a level up.

How do you do research?

We hate the cookie-cutter approach to training. One size does not fit all for lead generation. Therefore, we conduct industry and research within your organization in order to integrate the intel into your team training.

What happens afterwards?

We are committed to your success. The curriculum, research, insight, and analytics belong to you. Our trainers, designers, and subject matter experts will continue to work with your leadership to monitor effectiveness.

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